A multilingual, multimodal search and access system for biomedical information and documents. The system allows access to biomedical data:

  • from many sources,
  • analyzing and indexing multi-dimensional (2D, 3D) medical images,
  • with improved search capabilities due to the integration of technologies to link the texts and images to facts in a knowledge base,
  • in a multilingual environment,
  • providing trustable results at a level of understandability adapted to the users.

KHRESMOI combined multiple data sources and knowledge derived from various heterogeneous knowledge sources. This includes text sources such as online journals and books, and trusted websites; and image sources, including images from journals and images from Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) at radiology departments.

For Whom?

  1. Members of the general public, including people who are ill, people with a relative/friend who is ill, and non-professional seekers of medical information.
  2. Medical doctors/physicians (MDs), in particular general practitioners and various health professionals.
  3. Radiologists in university or non-university hospitals.


  1. Members of the general public frequently seek medical information online. This process is currently inefficient, unreliable and potentially dangerous. It is thus important that they are provided with reliable and understandable medical information in their own language.
  2. Medical doctors need rapid and accurate answers – a search of MEDLINE takes on average 30 minutes, while doctors have on average 5 minutes available for such a search. Furthermore, over 40% of searches do not yield the information required.
  3. Radiologists are drowning in images – at larger hospitals around 100GB of new images are created per day.


  • Foundational Research: effective extraction of information from text; automated 2D, 3D medical image analysis; linking structured information and unstructured text; support of multilingual search and adaptive user interfaces.
  • Component Level research: results of foundational research flowed into new and existing open source components.
  • Integration: the components were integrated into three prototypes built on a robust, efficient and scalable architecture.


Khresmoi – the facts

Start: 1 September 2010
End: 31 August 2014
Duration: 48 months
Budget (total): approx. €10 Million
EC contribution: approx. €8 Million
Partners: 12 (from 9 countries)
Project Number: FP7 – 257528


Khresmoi Greek Letters

Khresmoi in greek letters meaning: oracles