Members of Khresmoi are actively developing the following software. It is being integrated into the full Khresmoi system, but individual software components are available:

  • GATE (General Architecture for Text Engineering) - GATE provides the text annotation and classification framework.
  • Mimir (Multiparadigm Indexing and Retrieval) - Mimir provides the semantic indexing and search framework.
  • ezDL (Easy Access to Digital Libraries) - ezDL provides a comprehensive interface for searching.
  • OWLIM - OWLIM provides the semantic repository for the Khresmoi knowledge base.
  • ParaDISE (Parallel Distributed Image Search Engine) - ParaDISE is the image retrieval engine used for 2D images.
    • The parts of Deliverable 2.6 related to "2D article images" describe ParaDISE.
  • MTMonkey - a distributed infrastructure for Machine Translation web services.